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Looking for a perfect starting point for your cryptocurrency journey? You have come to the right place. Cryptocase is a digital knowledge center where you will find everything related to cryptocurrency. From technical analysis to about the projects, from investing strategies to hidden gems, all your crypto needs will be met by Cryptocase.

The Journey

Hi, My name is Kash and I reside next to the city beautiful of India, Chandigarh! Cryptocase was started by me during the Christmas Eve of 2020. After completing my engineering and MBA I was juggling between career, love and passion just like every other millennial. I have explored the e-commerce industry and been into digital marketing. Finally, I decided to give birth to both my passions for cryptocurrency and content creation in the form of Cryptocase. I have been studying blockchain since 2017 and have been an active trader and investor in cryptocurrency since 2020. After taking huge losses and blowing up my capital many times I have gained the tough experience of being a trader. Through the medium of Cryptocase I am sharing my knowledge and experience of cryptocurrency, trading and investing with the world!

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