Market Insights

Check out this interesting analysis on Bitcoin where we compare different market cycles, analyze returns, anticipate the markets and what not!

2013 Vs 2017 Vs 2021 Cycle Comparison

In terms of the time taken to complete the cycles Bitcoin has definitely fallen behind the last 2 Bull Market Cycles. If we would have been in pace with the 2013 cycle BTC would have reached a whooping 1.6 million $ by Dec 2020. On the other hand, if we would have gone hand in hand with 2017 Cycle BTC would have reached 400K by Nov-Dec in 2021.

If BTC would have been following the 2017 cycle then Nov-Dec 2021 is where it will make its market cycle top followed by a multi-year bear market. But we cannot ignore the fact that time taken to reach market cycle is increasing with every cycle. Hence, it is highly likely that BTC will not make its top in 2021.

Similarities Between 2013 & Current Cycle