Free Ways to Earn Crypto

Here is a list of few methods to earn cryptocurrency for free. Yes! you heard that right FREE cryptocurrency. However, please be aware that this might not be any life changing amount of crypto but free crypto is free crypto!

Brave Browser

Just download the Brave Browser and earn BAT tokens for viewing ads and browsing. It could not get any easier than this.

Cryptotab Browser

Your browser can have a mining superpower! What I mean is the unique CryptoTab Browser letting you grab bitcoins while you use the Internet daily. The overall scheme is that simple: you download the browser with the mining feature built into it and start habitually surfing the Net. You can withdraw your BTC haul anytime, and no further investments are required.


For staking, you need to have some cryptocurrency for your. Staking is nothing but similar to a fixed deposit. Like we earn interest on our money in banks, we earn interest on our crypto in staking. We can stake Bitcoin, altcoins and stable coins too.

For Staking/Buying/Selling Cryptocurrency you should use a trusted exchange like Binance